Welcome to Bethel Liverpool

Children and youth

Bringing up children can be hard work! Just getting through the day without any major mishap can be difficult enough itself. We all want the best for our children…but is there a best way to bring them up?

We hope our children will grow up to be healthy and mature, capable of making wise decisions for themselves. We hope they’ll carve out a good career, perhaps even have a family of their own one day. But what about the problems on the way? How will they know what is good and reject the bad?

At Bethel we believe that the guidance which God has provided for us through the Bible forms the best foundation for life. We have found, through our own experience and through years of children’s work, that God’s foundations are the only ones for withstanding the storms of life.

-Children Absorb Christian values.
-Young people discover the practical application of Biblical truth.
-They return each week because they find Sunday School enjoyable.

Each week at our Sunday school, through the media of Bible stories, video, singing drama, play and craft-work, children come together to learn to live out their faith at practical levels appropriate to their age. With help of experienced children’s workers they grow in their understanding of God and learn how to be Christians in today’s world.