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Church Weekend 2015

The 13th-15th February was our Church weekend at Cleverly Hall in Shropshire. Around 100 of us spent Friday to Sunday there with a few people joining us on Saturday for the day.

The theme of the weekend was “Being Certain of our Faith” looking at Luke’s Gospel and the life of Jesus:

1. Certain of his Birth – looking at how the birth of Jesus demanded a response and a focus on a life of worship.
2. Certain of his Teaching – looking at what was the core message of Jesus and focussing on what it is to live a life of love.
3. Certain of the Future – Looking at his death and resurrection and his imminent return. Focussing on how the hope we have should influence all of our tomorrows.

The meetings were a great encouragement and gave us a chance to spend a weekend focussing on God and his love for us, a love that sent Jesus to die for us so that we can be forgiven for the wrong we do. The best thing of all is it didn’t end there. Jesus rose from the dead and returned to God’s side. This forgiveness is undeserved and we can never ‘earn’ it. We just have to come to Jesus, accept his gift of love, say sorry for the wrong we have done and follow him, Jesus our Saviour and King.

As well as meetings, we spent time on a treasure hunt, Saturday game of football (lasting two hours), make up for the girls, along with many other fun activities. Plenty of food, not much sleep, but a great weekend had by all.

A big thanks to Peter, Gail and all those who helped with the organisation and smooth running of the weekend.