Welcome to Bethel Liverpool


Searchers 6.15pm – 7.15pm every Monday during school term times.

Admission is free.

Our Searchers Bible Club is for all children aged 5-11 years (those in reception up to and including Year 6).

The club starts with a time of games and craft (free choice of activities) and then everyone has a drink and a biscuit.

Then we join together for a time of singing, story, quizzes, learning about the Bible in fun ways with opportunities for earning prizes.

At the end of each session there is a tuck shop where we sell sweets.

At the end of the Christmas term we always have a party and often there is a party at the end of other terms too.

Once a year we go on a summer outing (joining up with Anchor Boys and Sunday School children and staff) and every Christmas we learn and perform songs and dress up – acting out the nativity story for mums, dads, family and friends.

Every evening we open up our coffee corner (Rosie Lea) for mums, dads and carers who would prefer to stay during the hour and wait while their children are in the club.

The staff are all experienced in working with children and follow the church’s Child Protection Policy. We often find that children stay on after year 6 and become young helpers in the club, gaining experience as they take on different responsibilities.