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Here To Listen

A caring, free and confidential listening service.

Who Listens?

The listeners are ordinary people from different backgrounds, male and female of all ages who are trained in reflective listening and have time to listen


Where do we listen?

At Bethel Church, in the privacy of a quiet and comfortable room - normally on a Thursday Morning



Hear To Listen offers complete confidentiality within legal boundaries.  This will be fully explained on your first visit.  The decision whether to proceed will be wholly yours.


What do we offer?

A free service which comprises of....

A safe place to share your concerns

Reflective listening for anyone over the age of 18

In the first instance, a maximum of five 50 minute sessions with the same trained listener


What is 'Reflective Listening'?

A method of actively listening to you which will help you clarify your thinking.  This involves reflecting back to you what you've said and summarising your feelings in order to help you understand them better. It is not an advisory or counselling service.


How do I make an appointment?

Sessions are arranged by personal appointment.  They can be made by ringing the Hear To Listen Office on 0151 220 3563 for you to leave your contact details.  This is a confidential answering service - someone will ring you back as soon as is possible to arrange a suitable appointment.

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