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Bethel Toddlers

We aim to run a varied and interesting programme which not only occupies the children, but stimulates them, helping them to learn as they play and to interact with other children and adults. The activities involve familiar repetition, which children like, and also new things for them to discover.

There is also a ‘refreshment spot’ with a drink and a biscuit.

As well as the usual weekly activities, we also have special events such as a summer and Christmas party, and a regular visit from a professional photographer. These events are always very popular and we let you know well in advance when they are coming up.

Toddler Group is popular and there are always people wanting to join us, so we do ask parents to let us know if they intend to be away for more than three weeks, so that we can retain their place.

To cover our running costs (refreshments, craft materials, etc.), we ask each parent to give a small donation each week, which we have found people are happy to do.

Having a place where you (and your children) can meet and make friends in a happy and relaxed atmosphere can be a nice retreat in the busy-ness of the week’s activities.

Children need to play with others and parents too have a need to relax, chat and ‘help’ each other. Parent and Toddler groups are a great way of achieving this, but here at Bethel, we hope to give you something more.

We hope that you will really enjoy your time with us each week and make new friends. But we would also like to introduce our best friend to you, the best friend anyone can have, Jesus Christ.

For more information please email

When is it and who is it for?

Tuesdays at 10am to 11.30am and 1pm to 2.30pm

Pre school children only*


*Unfortunately we cannot accommodate school age children


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