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Our services:

                                                           You are welcome to all the services that we run at the church.

                                                           You can find the details in our ministries section above.

                                                           Our Sunday services are at 10:45am and 6:30pm.

Christians Against Poverty:

                                                           CAP offers advice, support and friendship to those who are

                                                           struggling with debt. We have centres local to us and lots of well

                                                           trained workers. 



Food Bank:

                                                           Our local food bank is in Larkhill. You can find out more details


Domestic violence:

                                                           The Crossing Point is a Liverpool based charity serving men,

                                                           women and young people of Merseyside. "We believe that no

                                                           one is beyond hope and that every individual deserves to live a

                                                           life free from violence, abuse and fear.


Addiction advice:


                                                         Crossroads is friendly and professional support for those who are

                                                         seeking to break addictions in their lives.


Why not come and join us? 

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